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The Temporal Zone is the “in between” timeline. It is where all time travelers go when they are traveling through the timestream.


The Temporal Zone exists as an interception point of all possible outcomes in the multiverse. In 1952 on UNUA-0001, a government funded experiment briefly created a portal to the Temporal Zone, which resulted in the lead scientist to be trapped inside the dimension for a hundred thousand years, losing the ability to age. After existing for several lifetimes, the scientist gained an intimate understanding of time and space through his experiences in the Temporal Zone, resulting in being able to travel through time and dimensions with ease.

During Eon's Campaign, the Chronian Eon opened a portal to the Temporal Zone to activate the Hands of Armageddon, using a Dwarf Star as an energy source. This successfully activated the Godmaker, evolving Eon into a new being, Divinity. Due to these events, the Temporal Zone began dissolving into Zim's Universe.

The Florpus Tesabo are native to the Temporal Zone, however due to their nomadic lifestyle there are no Florpus cities in the zone.

Key Places

  • Temporal Forest