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TenTen is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Sotoraggian from the planet Sotoragg in 5 Years Later.


TenTen is a humanoid transformation with gray-yellowish skin. He's wearing black, white, green, and gray Sotoraggian armor. He has various weapons on his back.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his stomach.


  • Superhuman Strength- TenTen possesses strength vastly greater than a human.
  • Skilled Marksmanship- TenTen is a very skilled marksman, his aim is comparable to a sniper.
  • Skilled Combatant- TenTen is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Enhanced Agility- TenTen is agile enough to dodge fast attacks & react quicker.
  • Multiple Limbs- TenTen has multiple limbs throughout his body which he can grab different items & weapons at once.


  • Sotoraggian Armor- TenTen's armor provides him with great resistance to most physical attacks, in addition to a built-in life support system that allows him to survive in space.
  • Different Weapons- TenTen has an arsenal of different weapons that help him in battle.
    • Energy Buzz Saw- TenTen's Energy Buzz Saw is capable of cutting through most objects and TenTen is quite proficient with it.
    • Jetpack- TenTen has a jetpack in his back which allows him to fly in the air and has mounted laser guns built into it.
    • Energy Sword- In addition to his Buzz saw, TenTen has an energy sword which can cut through metal.
    • Laser Guns- TenTen has two energy pistols that can fire in great succession. TenTen can also alter the power each shot has, which can help in the keeping of ammo.
    • Electric Discs- TenTen has electric discs that short out machinery. They can be thrown or put on missiles.
    • Missiles- TenTen contains missiles in his arms, these missiles are very powerful and can cause great destruction.
    • Scanner- TenTen has a built-in scanner that can help him track his opponents or scan and discover details about people and objects.
    • Sonic Weapons- TenTen contains sonic weapons inside his suit, these weapons have enough power to severely injured his enemies or be lethal.
    • Energy Whip- TenTen possesses a powerful energy whip.
    • Grenades- TenTen contains multiple grenades inside his armor to help him in battle, using his multiple arms, he is capable of throwing a large number of them in quick succession.
    • Metal Pikes- TenTen can throw Metal Spikes onto the ground to surround an enemy or stop a moving vehicle.
    • Energy Machine Gun- TenTen has a big Energy Machine Gun which is extremely powerful and can cause massive amounts of damage. TenTen can also alter the amount of power each shot has, which can help to save ammo.
    • Energy Knuckles- TenTen possesses Energy Knuckles which increase his punching power to the point of being lethal.
    • Flash-Bangs- TenTen contains Flash-Bangs inside his armor, which can help to stun his enemies.
    • Energy Nets- TenTen contains Energy Nets in his suit which help him capture or trap opponents.
    • Bolas- TenTen has Bolas in his suit, which can be used to trip up enemies.
    • Extra Appendages- TenTen has four robotics appendages in his suit which he can use to trap his enemies or grab more objects & use more weapons at once.


  • Electricity- If TenTen's suit is struck by electricity, it will malfunction.
  • Vulnerable Armor- If TenTen's armor is damaged enough, several of its warfare functions could fail or become inactive.
  • Strong Smells- Without his helmet, TenTen is weak to strong smells.






  • TenTen's DNA was acquired by Ben sampling the Sotoraggian bounty hunter, EightEight.