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Terradino is the home planet of the Vaxasaurians, Pturbosaurians, and the Mulgogians from the Ben 10 Universe.


Terradino is one of the oldest planets in its system. A rough and tumble world, teeming with life that has stood the test of time, it is home to dozens of reptilian and aquatic species.


On the surface, it appears to be one giant jungle wrapped around the entire planet, with a thousand-mile-long mountain ranges separating it into nine major regions. There appear to be only three small surface level oceans, but in actuality, beneath the crust of the planet resides one massive ocean sandwiched above the mantle, connecting to the three surface level ports. As a result, the planet's crust rotates at a slower speed than its core, making the days and nights extremely long, and earthquakes frequent.


Massive stone spires can be found around the planet. These were created by the Vaxasaurian and are inhabited by the Pturbosaurians.