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Terretnal Ogres are a species from the planet Anur G'rrnay in the Anur System in the Ben 10 Universe. They are predators of Sentinent Gourds.


Terretnal Ogres are short, dumpy creatures, with large rotund torsos and bulbous limbs. Their legs are very short and have three broad toes on each foot; in contrast their arms are quite long, almost scraping the ground, with four fingers per hand. The head is somewhat oval and split into four segments, with small withered ears and a single eye staring out the center. When a Terretnal Ogre uses its abilities, these segments splay outwards, revealing a small circular mouth with short fangs in the center, and 3-4 eyes on the underside of each facial segment. The skin is usually a mix of beige and dirty yellows, with the eyes being predominantly purple.


  • Solar Energy Conversion- Terretnal Ogres absorb solar energy like their genetic relatives, the Opticoids. However, the Ogres convert the energy into a blinding light and noxious gas.
  • Paralysis Inducement- The light emitted from the many internal eyes of a Terretnal Ogre can immobilize any creature who gazes into it.
  • Hallucination Inducement- If the noxious gas emitted by a Terretnal Ogre is inhaled, it specifically targets the amygdala, creating intensely fearful auditory and visual hallucinations.
  • Horrifying Appearance- Even without using the converted energy, the general appearance of a Terretnal Ogre with its mouth open is enough to cause most beings fear.


  • Cartilaginous Body- Due to the intense gravitational pressure on Anur G'rrnay, the bodies of Terretnal Ogres are very bottom heavy, and their limbs rather short. They have reduced agility and speed as a result.
  • Internalized Vision- The mutagenic effects of Corrodium forced the eyes of the Terretnal Ogres inside of their mouths. This has drastically reduced their peripheral vision, making them susceptible to being snuck up on or attacked from any direction that isn't the front.
  • Terretnal Ogres- The species is not immune to its own innate abilities.

History and Society

The Terretnal Ogres are descended from Opticoids who were stranded on Anur G'rrnay after their cluster-planet Sightra collided with it at some point in the past. Over the years, the Opticoids stuck on G’rrnay succumbed to the harsh environmental differences. With G’rrnay’s gravitational pull being 12x that of Sightra, the Opticoids soft, cartilaginous bodies drooped and become bottom heavy, and because of the Corrodium mutations, their eyes inverted into their bodies, making their vision confined to their mouths. These mutations also changed how they converted energy, now into a blinding light and a noxious gas, that when combined causes paralysis as well as hallucinations.

Despite their unfortunate origin, the Terretnal Ogres live very complacent and peaceful lives, being so out of touch with the rest of the system. They spend their days farming and building homes out of their main resource, mutant gourds. Gourds that over-mutate can grow up to 60ft in height, making them perfect structures to hollow and house in. Knowing how often the planet is struck by debris, many also build homes in the sides of open craters, giving them protection similar to that of an underground bunker. Terretnal Ogres rarely leave their planet; partially due to them fearing their planetary neighbors, but mainly because they are only a tech level 2 planet, and lack the tech to leave.

Because they are able to immobilize Sentient Gourds with ease, it is also their main food source and clothing. Terretnal Ogres aren’t immune to their own abilities, so it’s very common to see them wearing gourds as masks, so they don’t accidentally paralyze their neighbors.

Notable Terretnal Ogres


  • Terretnal Ogres are asexual. When it comes time for them to reproduce, they will swell up to 3 times their original size, and are buried in the ground. After many days, they will emerge from the ground with their shrieking offspring.