"Each of you are here for a very specific reason. Dr. Animo, for your expertise in biological alteration. Technus, for your technopathic abilities and understanding of spectral manipulation. Zim will provide us with a base of operations, and technology that would otherwise be an obstacle to obtain."
"And me?"
Eon and Vlad Masters[src]

The Alliance is a group of villains from three different dimensions recruited by the Time Walker Eon to enact his master plan.


  • In Chapter 4: The Fallen Gods (Page 6- 24), Vlad arrives with Eon in Zim's Headquarters where he is introduced to the rest of Eon's team. Eon explains that each member is there for a different reason but his vagueness, makes Technus question his authority. After teaching Technus of his place, Eon rewards his curiosity by going further into his past. Afterwards, Eon acquires information from Zim's assitance GIR and informs The Alliance of their next mission: To steal a Dwarf Star.
  • In Chapter 5: Oversight (Page 28), The Alliance are seen in the process of collecting energy from the Dwarf Star using the Massive.
  • In Chapter 6: Weightless (Page 1- 37), Eon and Animo acquire the Hands of Armageddon in the Keshawn Desert, while Vlad, Technus, and Zim battle the heroes whilst harnessing the power of a Dwarf Star. During the battle, the Massive is destroyed and the resulting destruction creates a black hole. Despite this unexpected failure, Eon rescues the three Alliance members and manages to acquire enough power from the Dwarf Star to fufill his plans.
  • In Chapter 7: Fold (Page 1- 54), The Alliance works on building the Godmaker, while Eon reveals to Vlad his purpose and the true potential of his abilities. When the Heroes arrive, Eon summons Alternative Ben Tennysons mind controlled by Technus.
  • In Chapter 8: Risen (Page 1- 55), the Godmaker is complete and Eon uses the machine to evolve himself, while the rest of the Alliance fends off the Heroes to buy enough time for Eon's evolutionary process to complete. They succeed and Eon becomes an evolved Chronian. Meanwhile, Skulker and Ember attack the Orion-Cygnus Plumber Base.
  • In Chapter 9: Time Out (Page 3- 30), Eon (now calling himself Divinity), kills Alliance member Animo to prevent any potential liabilities. He battles The Heroes while Vlad battles Danny, revealing his Awakened Form.



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