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The Create-Your-Own Ben 10 Alien Contest was a contest held by the Ink Tank for Chapter 8: Risen in which participants created and submitted their own Omnitrix alien.

The third and second place winners were to receive prizes such as pages for their respective aliens and a free T-Shirt for the second place winner. The first-place winner was to receive all of the previous prizes and have their alien featured in Chapter 8: Risen.

However, due to Ink Tank's inability to choose between the three winners, all of them appeared in Chapter 8: Risen.


Pre Announcement

The contest for Chapter 8 was mentioned by Kuro a few times back in 2017 before it was officially announced.

Official Announcement

The contest was officially announced on August 1st, 2019 in a YouTube video that explained the rules and revealed the Chapter 8 release date.


Shortly after the announcement video, a special channel in the official Discord server was created. However, due to the number of aliens submitted, it was deleted shortly after. Between August 1st and August 15th, there were about two thousand submissions submitted for the contest.

Winner Announcement Livestream

The winners were revealed on a YouTube live stream on August 22nd. Before the three winners were revealed, the Ink Tank went over the ten honorable mentions. After that the winners were announced which were Soap Reef in the third place, Hack N' Slash in second place and Statter in the first place. A week later, they all appeared in the comic with the release of Chapter 8: Risen.


Even after the end of the contest, some of the participants commissioned Kuro to draw their contest submissions. Kuro drew them over the following months on his weekly YouTube series Drawing with Kuro on Ink Tank's second Channel, Rustbucket. This led to aliens such as Scorpiblow (one of the ten runner ups), Solar Bear, Divebomb, etc. to become cannon to 5 Years Later and receive their own art drawn by Kuro.

Aliens Submitted

The Winners

Honorable Mentions

  • Blightmare
  • Scorpiblow
  • Fondude
  • Ballon Goon
  • Wicche
  • Attackterrier
  • Batallion
  • Snow Dozer
  • Shagy-Fur
  • Bull Thorn

Aliens Commissioned After the Contest