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"When the world's not in danger, I teach my own recruits at the Plumbers Academy."
Ben Tennyson[src]

The Orion Squad is a team of Plumber Recruits assembled under Ben Tennyson as students.


The Orion Squad is a group of rookies that recently went under the tutelage of Ben Tennyson.

The Squad's first mission was an undercover investigation of the Vilgaxian Revolt; the Chimera Sui Generis Government collapsed when their king, Vilgax, never returned after Ben threw him into space during the Invasion of Galvan Mark II. Crawnch during the mission stole a Chimerian Photon Rifle to add to his collection of firearms.

When Ben went out on a mission with Danny Fenton, entrusted the squad to protect the Plumber Base. When he came back after the mission, he found out that the base's computer files had been tampered with. Angered by this, Ben put Cooper Daniels in charge of the Squad while he left to go investigate how Vlad Masters disappeared.

Skulker and Ember McLain then entered the base. The Orion Squad managed to take Skulker down, but Ember freed him. Cooper, Lula, Crawnch, and GoTro leave in the Specter Speeder to Invader Zim's Universe to update The Heroes on the information they have found. Eve, Chirp, and Phil agree to stay behind. 


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  • The concept of Ben leading his own Plumber fleet was thought of by Hurshie.
    • Originally, Lula was going to be the only prominent member of the Orion Squad, with the rest of the team only being there to “fill in space”. Because of this, Kuro decided to base each remaining character off of a member of the Ink Tank, to save time designing these characters.
  • Each Squad Member has a specially-designed Plumber Suit that they wear, right down to the color scheme. This is to help diversify them even further as a team visually, and aid their special abilities, such as Crawnch's suit being sleeveless to allow his arms to grow.