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Thep Khufans are a species from the planet Anur Khufos in the Anur System in 5 Years Later.


Thep Khufans are gangly, bipedal creatures resembling mummies. Their body is made out of thin, bandage like appendages stemming from the base of their shelled heads. Their faces appears as masks with two eyes and fixed mouths.


  • Limited Shapeshifting- Thep Khufans can shapeshift by detangling their bandages and morphing them. The bandages have a high tensile strength and elasticity
  • Strength- Due to the high tensile strength of their bandages, Thep Khufans can lift up to thirty four times their own weight.
  • Bandage Generation- They can generate bandages from their bodies. On average, a Thep Khufan can generate up to five thousand feet of bandage a day.
  • Space Survivability- Thep Khufans can survive in the vacuum of space.


  • Strong Winds- Thep Khufans' body can be blown apart during a strong wind storm.
  • Bandage Weaknesses- There is an upper limit to how much tension a Thep Khufan's bandages can withstand before breaking. Because they are made of bandages, Thep Khufans can be flattened by heavy objects, stopping them momentarily. They can also be frozen solid by liquid nitrogen and can be tangled up in their own bandages.

History and Society

Thep Khufans have been given the title "The Merchants of Anur", due to their bandages being sold to other species as material for clothing, as well as the vast Corrodium ore market they've cornered. Wealthier Khufan will wear much more jewelry and articles to show off their status.

Khufan's sleep in sarcophagi due to the sun never setting on their planet. The quality of one's sarcophagi is a big symbol of status, with wealthier Khufan sleeping in ones made of pure Corrodium.

Status is a significant factor for the lifestyles of Khufans that even their diets are different between the upper and lower classes. Wealthy Thep Kufan will eat imported meats from Luna Lobo, while lower class ones feed on scarab like bugs.

Their competitive market culture and lust for wealth has led many to venture off planet in search of treasures and artifacts. Records indicate that there have been multiple instances of Thep Khufans temporarily migrating to other planetary systems to harvest new rare materials, most notably, gold from an early Earth. As a result of their interplanetary greed, they influenced an entire people's culture for hundreds of years, and were worshiped as gods. This left an impact on Earth, so much so that they still have monuments standing today.

Resources are not the only things they brought back from Earth, they also brought some of their followers back as well. Enjoying their newfound worship, they brought large groups of humans back to Anur to continue to serve them, Unfortunately, upon arrival, they began to mutate and become aggressive, due to the high level of Corrodium radiation on Khufos. Not being able to contain the humans in this state prevented them from being able to transport them back to Earth, so as a quick solution to their problem, the Khufan's abandoned the mutants on their closest neighboring planet, Anur Ormerow.

Notable Thep Khufans


  • Thep Kufan's base body is their head, the bandages they produce are just used to support them.