Toepick is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Terretnal Ogre from the planet Anur G'rrnay in the Anur System in the Ben 10 Universe.


Toepick is a squat transformation with yellowish skin. His arms and legs are bulbous and his gut is quite large; he has three broad toes on his short legs and four fingers on his rather long arms. He wears an elaborate caged helmet of green and silver, as well as spiked shoulder pads and a pair of white and black shorts with a green stripe. A single green eye stares out from behind the bars of the helmet visor.

When the helmet is opened, Toepick's full face is on show, consisting of five facial tentacles with either three or four glowing green eyes located on each. The underside of each tentacle is a greyish-purple in colour, and at the centre is a small mouth ringed with sharp teeth, and three more eyes staring out from the depths.

The Omnitrix is located just below his sternum.


  • Solar Energy Conversion- Toepick absorbs solar energy and converts said energy into a blinding light and noxious gas.
  • Paralysis Inducement- The light emitted from the many internal eyes of Toepick can immobilize any creature caught in it.
  • Hallucination Inducement- If the noxious gas emitted by Toepick is inhaled, it specifically targets the amygdala, creating intensely fearful auditory and visual hallucinations.
  • Horrifying Appearance- Even without using the converted energy, the general appearance of Toepick with his mouth open is enough to cause fear in most beings.


  • Cartilaginous Body- Due to the intense gravitational pressure on Anur G'rrnay, Toepick is very bottom heavy, and his limbs are rather short. As a result, his agility and speed is reduced.
  • Internalised Vision- The majority of Toepick's eyes are within his mouth. This has drastically reduced his peripheral vision, making him susceptible to being snuck up on or attacked from any direction that isn't the front.
  • Terretnal Ogres- Toepick is not immune to his species' own innate abilities.




And Beyond


  • Toepick is a genetic descendant of another of Ben's transformations, Eye Guy.

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