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Transylians are a species from the planet Anur Transyl in the Anur System in the Ben 10 Universe.


Averaging between six and eight feet tall, Transylians are a physically imposing species, with the males in particular being very broadly built with muscular arms and chests. The anatomy of this species is asymmetrical, owing to a skeletal structure composed entirely of pure Corrodium, as well as several Corrodium deposits around the body. The mutagenic nature of Corrodium affects the muscle growth, resulting in the hulking, misshapen forms seen today.

The vast majority of Transylians have a pair of giant emitters and regulators to wear over their nodes to make for easier absorption and discharge of electrical energy. The skin is patchwork, with several stitches where different regions of skin were grafted together. Like most of the other species in the Anur System, their eyes are purple.


  • Electrokinesis- With all the metal in their bodies, Transylians are hard to miss when a frequent lightning storm rolls in over Anur Transyl, and are often struck. Transylians are accustomed to this and have become walking electrical generators, learning how to channel and store electrical currents when struck, capable of shooting electric bursts and manipulating electromagnetic fields and energy.
  • Magnetism- Transylians can emit an electromagnetic field from their hands or feet, allowing them to attach to metal structures.
  • High Intellect- The constant bombardment of electricity leads to a high amount of synaptic activity, granting Transylians higher intelligence and understanding.



History and Society

For hundreds of years, Transylians were the primary prey of the Vladats, due to their high synaptic energy being more filling. They were used as slaves, beasts of burden, and food, only becoming free of their albino overlords after they started to consort with their monstrous neighbors.

With the help of their planetary neighbors and fellow victims, they successfully rebelled and put an end to the Vladats terrible reign for good.

Notable Transylians