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Trench is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Milit Lagish from the planet Anur Millgan in the Anur System in 5 Years Later.


Trench is a tall humanoid reptile with many fish-like qualities. He has light green scales with a dark green seaweed-like hide that he can generate from anywhere on his body. He has two green tendrils, with the tips of the tendrils illuminating a light purple glow. He wears a green, white, and black uniform on his upper chest. He has webbed hands and feet, as well as a long fishtail.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Bioluminescent Tendrils- Trench has two long tendrils that are able to produce a light purple bioluminescent glow, allowing him to traverse dark areas on land and underwater.
  • Hide Generation- Trench can create a thick, seaweed-like hide from anywhere on his body. This hide is incredibly durable and can be used as an extra protective layer.
  • Enhanced Durability- Trench has solid scales that can withstand significant impacts.
  • Underwater Survivability- Trench can breathe and swim underwater.
  • Corrodium Immunity – Trench is immune to the negative effects of Corrodium.


  • Dehydration- Trench cannot breathe for long out of water.


The Milit Lagish are a hard-working species, constantly feeding the Ganic Lagorge in order to properly sustain the ecosystem of Anur Millgan.




And Beyond


  • Trench's initial design was far different and would've been more fish-like had the And Beyond dropped on its originally intended release date.