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Tucker Foley is a character in 5 Years Later. He is a human from the planet Earth in the Danny Phantom Universe. He debuted in Chapter 1: Alienated.


Tucker is an average sized male with dark brown skin and black hair. He is dressed in a black suit, a brown vest, and a beige undershirt with black top hat and black shoes. He wears glasses and a red bowtie.


Tucker is a tech geek who almost always is on his PDA, Tucker loves lunch meat which often gets him into petty squabbles with Sam (who's an ultra recycle vegetarian), Danny’s Fiancée.


  • Ghost Technology - Tucker has learned how to use various kinds of Fenton Tech, each of them having a specific use in fighting ghosts.
  • Political Power - Tucker is the current mayor of Amity Park, giving him executive power over it.


  • Human Weaknesses- Tucker is a human, so he shares the same weaknesses that most humans have.


After the Disasteroid crisis, Amity Park was heavily damaged. Due to Amity Park's mayor Vlad Masters revealing himself as the supervillain Vlad Plasmius and being exiled to roam space, the city needed a new Mayor, with Team Phantom member Tucker Foley being elected, becoming the youngest mayor in the city's history. Tucker was intended to only temporally take the position as Mayor, however, Tucker remained the Mayor for five years, and was able to boost Amity Park's economic status significantly in the first year. Tucker's high position in Amity Park also warrants him funds to develop more of his gadgets, and partners with Fenton Works for global distribution. He is now the seventh richest man in the world.

5 Years Later

  • In Chapter 9: Time Out (Page 35) Tucker, Sam Manson, Jazz Fenton, Maddie Fenton, Jack Fenton, all appeared in a brief flashback Danny had before going through his Awakened Form. A future version of Tucker appears in Future Fenton's discussion of the future.


5 Years Later

And Beyond


  • Tucker's name is a reference to comedian-actor Chris Tucker.