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Tuffle are a species from the planet Vegeta in the Andromeda Galaxy in 5 Years Later.


Tuffle are bipedal humanoid radish-like creatures that stand at around two to four feet tall. They have pale skin with many grooves. They have green leaf-like hair and orange eyes with large eye sockets. They wear simple clothing usually made of various plant-life.


  • Ki Control- Truffle can control Ki, an energy source found inside all living things.
    • Chlorokinesis- They use Ki to manipulate plant-life in various ways.
  • Space Survivability: Tuffles can withstand the vacuum of space.


  • Mute- The Tuffle are unable to physically speak making communication potentially difficult.

Society and History

The Tuffle are a peaceful humanoid species living a simple lifestyle attuned to nature. They craft homes and farms using their chlorokinesis to shape the nearby environment at will. This allows them full control of crop production for trade and to create architecture without harming the environment at all. They make their homes inside the trunks of Senzu Trees in order to avoid the herbivore predators of the planet, and because Senzu trees are a natural generator of the energy known as Ki, an energy given off by all living things, that, when harnessed, can be extremely useful. The Tuffle use Ki to revitalize their bodies while sleeping, merging their roots with the tree. Due to the planets lack of metallic resources, Tuffle rely on their neighboring species from the planet Zaka Chagg for trade resources.

At one point, their neighbors from Zaka Chagg, the Dragons, brought them surviving Kryptonian colonists from the desolate colony of Sadala to Vegeta. Over the centuries, the two species interacted, thrived, and co-existed with each other. Thanks to the resources from the Kryptonians (now Saiyans), such as using their crystalline living pods as solar panels for the Senzu trees, the Tuffle solved their energy-harvesting problems. Eventually, the harmony between all three species created a peaceful utopia.

Notable Tuffle