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Tyrannopedes, or Kaosseffexx Ultimasaurias, are a species from the planet Terradino in 5 Years Later.


Tyannopedes are large, centipede-like, hard armored reptiles, who stand at a largest recorded height of 150 feet. They are the only known species on the planet larger then the Vaxasaurian.


  • Enhanced Strength- Due to their size, Tyrannopedes are incredibly strong and durable, with their mass rendering Vaxasaurians unable to lift them for more then a few seconds.
  • Enhanced Durability- Tyrannopedes possess tough armored plating that gives them incredible durability.
  • Powerful Jaws- Tyrannopedes possess powerful jaws that can bite through most materials.
  • Webbing- Tyrannopedes are able to produce a high tensile strength adhesive webbing from sacks under their jaws in order to trap their prey.


  • Fire- Tyrannopedes can be harmed by igniting their adhesive web sacks.
  • Low Intelligence- Tyrannopedes generally possess low intelligence and thus can be manipulated easily.


Tyrannopedes are the natural predator of the Vaxasaurians, and hunt them primarily at night. The only reason the Vaxasaurans survive is due to the aid of the Pturbosaurians (Skyskimmers), who use their forearm appendages to tie the Tyrannopedes multiple feet together and knock them over. Once on the ground, they would use their combustible gastrointestinal fluid to ignite the adhesive web sacks under its jaws, burning the Tyrannopede to death from the inside.

Vaxasaurians use every part of their predators remains when the Pturbosaurians are able to kill a Tyrannopede, their hides are used for clothing, bones for building materials, and their meat as food.


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