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Ultimate Grey Matter is the Ultimatrix's DNA sample of a hyper-evolved Galvan from the planet Galvan in 5 Years Later.


Ultimate Grey Matter is a frog-like alien that displays traits similar to those of tadpoles. He lacks legs, and his arms are paddle-like structures genetically integrated with Mechamorph material with blue circuitry. He has three eyes, the central one having a blue iris akin to the Mechamorph sections of his body, while the other two eyes' irises are the traditional green coloration which changes to blue when possessing technology. He has a blue brain visible on the back of his head, and he was long tendrils coming off his brow.

The Ultimatrix symbol is located on his backside like a back-pack.


  • Enhanced Intelligence- Ultimate Grey Matter's intelligence is many times greater than most sapient lifeforms.
  • Technopathy- Ultimate Grey Matter has the ability to “talk” to machinery to control it by plugging his tendrils into it.
  • Cybernetic Body- Ultimate Grey Matter's physiology is intrinsically tied to spliced Galvanic Mechamorph derived biomass.
  • Levitation- Ultimate Grey Matter is able to float in the air.


  • Lack of Limbs- Ultimate Grey Matter lacks legs and requires his levitation to move.


The Ultimatrix evolutionary simulation of Ultimate Grey Matter had the Galvans beginning to communicate to technology and decided to bond with them permanently via integrating Mechamroph genetics into their own on top of general changes to their physiology, making them a wholly new lifeform from the baseline Galvan species.