Ultimate Ripjaws (Crockjaws)

Ult-RipJaws Crock Jaws.png

Ultimate Ripjaws is the non-canonical Ultimatrix's DNA sample of a hyper-evolved Piscciss Volann from the planet Piscciss in 5 Years Later.


Ultimate Ripjaws' hulking humanoid fish body has very stubby clawed feet and hands with swimming membranes, big sharp teeth, and a sturdy greenish-blue body with his underbelly blue. Ultimate Ripjaws' tail is thick and crocodile-like, with pufferfish-like spikes at the tip and across his back and the back of his arms.

The Ultimatrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Enhanced Biology-  Ultimate Ripjaws is physically stronger and tankier than his basal counterpart.
  • Jaw Stretching- Ultimate Ripjaws is able to unhinge his jaw out to ten feet, so he can bite prey or foes from a distance.
  • Land Adaptation- Ultimate Ripjaws evolved can breathe out of water without a breathing brace.
  • Rough Barbed Skin- Ultimate Ripjaws has rough barbed skin, making contact with him painful to others.


  • Mobility Decreased- Due to Ultimate Ripjaws' larger build, his mobility on land and in water is decreased.
  • Lacking Angular- Ultimate Ripjaws lacks an angular to lure prey and see in dimly lit spaces.








  • Ultimate Ripjaws ability to stretch his jaw was inspired by the goblin shark a species of shark that are known to unhinged there jaws and stretch it out too catch there prey.

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