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Ultimate Ripjaws is the non-canonical Ultimatrix's DNA sample of a hyper-evolved Piscciss Volann from the planet Piscciss in 5 Years Later.


Ultimate Ripjaws is top-heavy with strong arms, bony claws, and spikes on his elbows and back, rip spikes poked out from his dark green body with a blue underbelly. His bottom was formed into a mighty fishtail with small bony spikes poking out from the sides. Ultimate Ripjaws’ head has many glowing green eyes, and his tongue is an anchor that glows green like his many eyes.

The Ultimatrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Enhanced Biology- Evolved to withstand the higher pressures of the watery depths, granting him a much stronger physic and durability.
  • Body Dismantlement- Ultimate Ripjaws has evolved to manipulate his body to form into tiny bioluminescent fish to draw prey into a trap, so it can attack off guard. They also act as an extension of his being, making it hard to sneak up on him.
  • Enhanced Bio-Luminescence- Ultimate Ripjaws has an improved bio-luminescence that works better in the darkest oceanic environments.


  • Lacking Legs- Due to lacking the ability to turn his tail into legs or vice versa, he can’t go on land.
  • Alternobaric Vertigo- If traveling to a place with lower pressure than the depths he normally hunts in, this Ultimate will start suffering from pressure dizziness.








  • Ultimate Ripjaws' school of fish is based on the sexual dimorphism of angler fish, where the males are significantly smaller than the more familiar females.