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Ultimate Stinkfly is the non-canonical Ultimatrix's DNA sample of a hyper-evolved Lepidopterran from the planet Lepidopterra in 5 Years Later.


Ultimate Stinkfly is a gigantic and bloated worm-like creature with small arthropodal legs on the bottom to keep him from rolling about. His underbelly is blue with many He has nine proboscis eyes with two on its face resting on both sides of its face, three going along its sides and one at the other end of its body, totaling nine, each having a lining of orange around a green optic organ inside. He has a dark blue armored back with giant wings with an orange center.

The Ultimatrix symbol is located on his forehead.


  • Enhanced Biology- Ultimate Stinkfly has thick body which naturally increased their durability, along with the strength of their wings, as they need to be able to lift this massive body.
  • Mucus Generation and Manipulation- Ultimate Stinkfly can generate mucus so much that this Ultimate is swelling with it. This mucus can be shot from the many eyes around his bloated form, and it can be hardened to trap enemies within solidified mucus.
  • Enhanced Vision- Evolved to have more eyes as a way to retain its 360 vision but also can shoot mucus out from them.


  • Useless Legs- Due to his massive size, he is unable to walk on his legs.
  • Speed Reduction- Due to his bloated form his flying speed is much slower and on land he is basically a beached whale.








  • Ultimate Stinkfly’s disign was inspired by a character called the Gruzz Mother, from the game Hollow knight.
  • During a patreon stream many watching pointed out that Ultimate Stinkfly’s design looks almost similar to larva Max from the Original Series episode Doctor Animo and the Mutant Ray and after hearing this, O.R.Ash designed him to look more like larva max