Ultimate Wildmutt

Wildmutt Ult .png

Ultimate Wildmutt is the non-canonical Ultimatrix's DNA sample of a hyper-evolved Vulpimancer from the planet Vulpin in 5 Years Later.


Ultimate Wildmutt is a quadrupedal dog-like alien with no eyes. His mouth is large and toothy, with an exaggerated drooping neck. His body is very muscular and covered in red fur of varying levels of length. He has three tails with a bard at the end of each.

The Ultimatrix rests on his left shoulder brace which has four legs.


  • Enhanced Smelling- Ultimate Wildmutt is able to visualize his sense of smell like seeing creatures do with their optical sense. Compared to his basal counterpart, this is even more sophisticated.
  • Thermal Detection- Ultimate Wildmutt is able to detect residual body heat of others, akin to how he visualizes smell.
  • Smokescreen Creation- Ultimate Wildmutt is able to emit a thick smokescreen from his gills and mouth to blind others. Being unable to see anyways, this typically puts him at an advanage against those reliant on their eyes to sense their environment.
  • Sound Detecting Fur- On top of his traditional form of hearing, Ultimate Wildmutt's fur is at varying levels of length to detect sounds better.
  • Extendable Tails- Ultimate Wildmutt has three tails that can extend out to grab targets.










  • Ash has publically stated how he dislikes the original design for Ultimate Wildmutt, which has become a meme in the community about how “he was 'forced' to redesign Ultimate Wildmutt.”

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