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UltraViolent is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Laceritter from the planet Spectropica in 5 Years Later.


UltraViolent is a large purple humanoid figure with large, sharp shield-like plates for arms. He has four eyes that are placed all over his head. He has areas on his legs, sides, neck, and arms that glow green.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Space Survivability- UltraViolent is able to survive in space without the need for oxygen.
  • Enhanced Biology- UltraViolent possesses enhanced physical characteristics such as increased strength, durability, endurance, agility, dexterity and endurance, etc. that far exceed that of humans.
  • Ultraviolet Attacks- UltraViolent manipulates ultraviolet light in many ways for special attacks.
    • Purple UV- Plasma-like panels sprout from slits in his arms. When produced, the slits close, and UltraViolent's arms become flaccid while magnetizing the panels in a field around his body. From there, he can shape them around before firing them at opponents.
    • Blue UV- Used to form solid constructs like shields.
    • White UV- High destructive capabilities. Vaporizes nearly anything in its path.
  • Superhuman Speed- UltraViolent is able to move fast enough, that the human eye is only capable of seeing a blur.
  • 360 Vision- UltraViolent has four eyes around his head, so he is able to see in all directions.


  • Extreme Violence- This transformation fills Ben with a hard-to-control bloodlust, due to the overwhelming emotional nature of Laceritters.


Before 5 Years Later

  • UltraViolent was unlocked when Ben was granted Master Control at Age 18.
  • Ben first transformed into UltraViolent after 2 years of using the Master Control.

5 Years Later



  • UltraViolent's species live in a dark world and are in constant fear of being hunted by predators they can't see, which is where his harsh personality and light-based attacks come from.
  • UltraViolent is the third new alien introduced in 5 Years Later, with the first two being Slingshot and Slampeed.
  • According to Insane-Mane, UltraViolent's geometric, pointed-end shaped head came from the question: “What would Diamondhead look like if he were made of flesh?”.
  • Before his official name reveal, Alex made up the name “Lazerdong” for UltraViolent, and it was used as a placeholder name up until Chapter 6's release. He has regretted the name ever since.