5 Years later Wiki

This is how I see myself

Hi my name is IceNinja Productions, but you can call me IceNinja. i joined the wiki team on April 23, 2020 and was fired from it on May 18, 2020. I couldn't even reach one month. I love to build legos and I write my own book series in my free time called: The Defenders of the Planet. I hope all of you can love 5YL as much as I did.

My favorite pages

My favorite shows (in order of favoritism)

  1. The Big Bng Theory
  2. The Flash
  3. Bigmouth
  4. RIck and Morty
  5. American dad
  6. Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
  7. Stranger things
  8. Regular show
  9. Adventure time
  10. The amazing world of Gumball
  11. Ben 10
  12. Steven Universe
  13. Kick Butowski
  14. Lost in space
  15. Trollhunters
  16. Fuller house

My favorite movies

  • Star wars: The empire strikes back
  • Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets (and the others too)
  • Shazam
  • Superbad
  • The entire MCU
  • The package
  • Power Rangers (2017)

Ranking Ben 10


  1. Ben 10 classic
  2. Omniverse
  3. 5 years later
  4. Alien force
  5. Ultimate alien
  6. Reboot


  1. Secret of the omnitrix
  2. Destroy all aliens
  3. Race against time
  4. Alien swarm

Favorite transformations

  1. Upgrade
  2. Diamondhead
  3. Ripjaws
  4. Gutrot
  5. Swampfire

In 5 years later

  1. Splotch
  2. Gemrock (removed but was canon for two months so still counts)
  3. Disk Jockey

Playlist 82 (my aliens)

  1. Drillapede
  2. Crossattack
  3. Acidbath
  4. Crystalbreak
  5. Hailstorm
  6. Gemrock
  7. Quick-mix
  8. Steelworks
  9. Atomize
  10. G-force

Fun facts

  • I am severly allergic to mosquito bites
  • I love the colors purple and white
  • I created my own alternate Ben Tennyson called Ben 12
  • I write a book series called: The Defenders of the Planet
  • If i ever got the Omnitrix i would turn into Gutrot to create gasses that can stop global warming, after that id turn into Big Chill or Arctiguana to re-freeze the polar caps, and finally I'd use the Omnitrix to get rich but not be an asshole