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1LeviChurch 1LeviChurch 1 April 2020

r/5YL is BACK!

Hello, over the last year I have been working on trying to revive the Official Subreddit for 5 Years Later and The Ink Tank and as of April 1, 2020 myself and Stawarski have become Mods for r/5YL. Around February last year the Subreddit had 83 members and since then it has gone up to 221 members. This is great news, the subreddit isn't dead! But it needs more support to keep going click the link here to join r/5YL and show your love for 5 Years Later by making a post on it.

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1LeviChurch 1LeviChurch 7 September 2019

The Terradino Video

Recently The Ink Tank put out a video on the Offical YouTube channel that details the lore of the races of Alien Species on the planet Terradino. However the video is filled with spelling errors. And as a result of those errors within the video, many people are confused on how some names are ment to be spelled. Here are the correct spellings of the names of the life on Terradino for future reference.

  • Vaxasaurian
  • Tyrannopede
  • Pturbosaurian
  • Mulgogian
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1LeviChurch 1LeviChurch 10 February 2019

Things I expect to see in future chapters of 5 Years Later

So it's really fun to speculate about what will happen later in 5 Years Later. And I feel like explaining my thoughts on what will happen later down the road of this web comic. This is of course just my speculation and literly anything could happen and we just don't know.

  1. Ben, Gwendolyn, Kevin, and Rook will travel to both Danny's Universe and the Ghost Zone.
  2. There will be more refrences to Generator Rex, but I am not sure if Rex will ever actully appear in 5 Years Later.
  3. Another Cartoon series will crossover into 5 Years Later.
  4. Vilgax will be in 5 Years Later. The book has teased him 3 times now, it will happen.
  5. Eon will become a Godlike being or possibly a Ghost.
  6. Professor Paradox and Clockwork from Danny Phantom will team up.
  7. Ben will have to …

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1LeviChurch 1LeviChurch 4 February 2019

The Forgotten 5 Years Later Subreddit

So earlier this week I discovered that 5 Years Later has an offical subreddit r/5YL. I never knew about it because it has been abandoned in favor of the Ink Tank Discord sever. The Ink Tank Discord currently has over 4,600 members so because of the Discord's extream popularity there really is no need for the r/5YL subreddit. However, the subreddit does still have 83 Subscribers eventhough no one uses it. And I do mean no one really uses the thing anymore. The most recent post on the subreddit when I found out about it was by K-Tech and that post is a month old. And the post before that was by Hurshie Lee and that post is a year old. So the only person who has used the subreddit in the past year before I found it was K-Tech. Just 1 guy. So …

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1LeviChurch 1LeviChurch 25 January 2019

Kuro's newest Tweet about 5 Years Later Chapter 8

So yesterday, Kuro the Artist posted a tweet about 5 Years Later Chapter 8. Here is what he told us.

This comfirms it, SpongeBob will be in chapter 8!

I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready to read it!

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