5 Years later Wiki

So it's really fun to speculate about what will happen later in 5 Years Later. And I feel like explaining my thoughts on what will happen later down the road of this web comic. This is of course just my speculation and literly anything could happen and we just don't know.

10 things I think are going to happen in 5 Years Later

  1. Ben, Gwendolyn, Kevin, and Rook will travel to both Danny's Universe and the Ghost Zone.
  2. There will be more refrences to Generator Rex, but I am not sure if Rex will ever actully appear in 5 Years Later.
  3. Another Cartoon series will crossover into 5 Years Later.
  4. Vilgax will be in 5 Years Later. The book has teased him 3 times now, it will happen.
  5. Eon will become a Godlike being or possibly a Ghost.
  6. Professor Paradox and Clockwork from Danny Phantom will team up.
  7. Ben will have to use Alien X even if he doesn't want to.
  8. Both Atomix and Clockwork from Ben 10 will be in Chapter 8.
  9. The Orion Squad will join Ben's Team.
  10. Max will loose his arm.

And if I get any of these predictions wrong I will still be happy to discuss them with you guys reading in the comments of this article.