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Amazon is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Valkaree from the planet Alpha Femme.


Amazon is a purple-skinned, female humanoid with a muscled body, D-cup breasts and wears an outfit consisting of a black top with green trims that expose Amazon’s midriff and a matching pair of shorts with a green belt reminiscent of a championship wrestling belt.

Amazon has green gemstone-like growths on her knuckles, shoulders and knees, which glow when her powers and in use. Amazon has large, almond shaped eyes lacking pupils, her ears are pointed and elf-like and instead of hair she has three rows of spike-like growths. Amazon is barefoot and instead of shoes has black straps around her soles.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on her belt like a buckle.


  • Muscle Mass Manipulation- Amazon is capable of increasing her own muscle mass at will, amplifying her physical strength the larger her muscle mass increases. She is also capable of controlling the muscle mass of individual parts of her body such as her limbs as well as her entire body’s.
  • Enhanced Strength- Amazon is Ben’s most powerful physical fighter. At her base form, Amazon is capable of holding her own against a Vaxasuarian at full size. She even reaches Planet Buster status when at full muscle mass capacity.
  • Enhanced Combat- Amazon can attack with incredibly devastating force and speed, which increases in severity the stronger she makes herself. At full strength, she is capable of delivering more then a thousand punches in five seconds flat and can destroy large structures with a single strike.
  • Strength Channeling- Amazon can focus and channel all of her physical strength at once to deliver especially devastating strikes, a focused strike at base strength can knock out a Tokustar in one hit.
  • Muscle Armor- Amazon’s dense muscle structure gives her immense durability and endurance. Her resistance to damage increases the more she increases her muscle mass.
  • Enhanced Reflexes- Amazon possesses highly heightened reflexes and acute reaction time, allowing her to keep a step ahead her opponents in battle and avoid most attacks.
  • Enhanced Immune System- Amazon’s race has one of the strongest immune systems of any race. Making her effectively immune to most diseases, parasites, toxins etc.


  • Muscle Fatigue- Amazon can suffer from immense muscle fatigue if she increases her muscle mass for too long or too quickly. Her muscles can become so fatigue that they will reflexively shrink, leaving Amazon scrawny and weak.
  • Overconfidence- Amazon’s overconfident and combat-loving personality makes her prone to be reckless with her powers and always looking for a fight, this also making her prone to muscle fatigue and being overzealous with her strength.
  • Nerve Attacks- Amazon is susceptible to nerve attacks and can quickly be subdued by them.
  • Neuroshock Blasts- Jetray's neuroshock blasts can paralyze Amazon if they get a direct hit in her.


  • Amazon is inspired by Machamp from Pokémon and Star Platinum from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Her powers are inspired by Muscular from My Hero Academia, with the drawbacks of Izuku Midoriya and All Might’s Quirk.
  • The Valkarees are hermaphrodites, as they possess both male and female reproductive organs but they mostly identify as an all-female race. This would make Amazon Ben’s first female transformation.
  • The Valkaree’s are known for their brash personalities and quickness to fight and due to their immense power, they see combat as a competitive sport more then anything.
    • Due to this, Ben takes up their personality traits when she transforms into Amazon. Amazon’s personality is that of a stereotypical “dudebro”.
  • At first, Ben found it embarrassing that he essentially transforms into a girl but he quickly grew to like Amazon due to how powerful she is.
  • Despite being Ben’s most powerful fighter, Amazon is canonically not in the Powerhouse Playlist.
  • Amazon is part of a trio of alien transformations based on systems of the human body. Amazon is based on the muscular system.
  • The name of Amazon’s species is a play on the word Valkyrie, which is a figure in Norse Mythology of a female warrior spirit that decides who lives and who dies in battle.
  • The Valkarees have a rivalry with the Appoplexians.