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Fiesta is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Calaveran from the planet Anur Calavera.


Fiesta resembles a living, humanoid skeleton with a Day of the Dead theme. He has green, paint-like markings on his face including flower-like designs around his eye sockets as well as a heart-shaped design with angelic looking wings on his forehead and many swirls and and other designs. He wears an outfit similar to that of a mariachi band with skull-shaped buttons on his jacket. Fiesta’s teeth are green and he has two green lights in his sockets functioning as his eyes.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Bone Manipulation- Fiesta’s body is composed entirely of bone marrow and he is capable of controlling his bone structure at will in many ways such as creating many kinds of constructs, executing many bone-related attacks etc.
  • Bone Constructs- Fiesta can shape his bony body to form a variety of different weaponry such as swords, shields, spinning drills & saws, extra armor, claws etc.
  • Shapeshifting- Shapeshifting - Fiesta can shapeshift via bone manipulation. He is capable of shifting and stretching his body and changing his appearance at will.
  • Density Manipulation- Fiesta‘s control over his boney body allows him to shift his density, making himself more durable at will and giving his bone constructs a steel-like quality as well and making himself heavier as well.
  • Regeneration- Fiesta can repair his damaged body and regenerate entire lost pieces at will. Interestingly, his regenerative abilities accelerate when he consumes milk.
  • Limb Liberation- Fiesta can liberate his limbs and even his head from his body with no physical repercussions. Fiesta’s detached parts can act independently on their own.
  • Pain Immunity- Fiesta lacks a nervous system, making him effectively immune to pain, this also makes him immune to nerve attacks as well.
  • Light Weight- Fiesta is very light weight thanks to being mostly bones, allowing him to move, jump and fight very swiftly, especially when his density has not been increased.
  • Oxygen Independence- Fiesta doesn’t need to breath in the traditional sense and can survive in oxygen deprived environments such as underwater and even the vacuum of space.


  • Durability Limits- The durability of Fiesta’s body and bone constructs is limited and his bones can break when enough force is applied.
  • Regeneration Limits- The speed of Fiesta’s regeneration is limited as it takes longer to regenerate the larger the damage is, but his regeneration can be sped up by consuming milk.
  • Lack of Concentration- Fiesta’s density manipulation takes concentration and his bones will return to their regular levels of density if he isn’t focused.
  • Acid- Strong acid can quickly eat through Fiesta’s bones and heavily slows down his regenerative abilities.


  • Fiesta is themed around the Mexican holiday, Día de Muertos and the tradition of calaveras (sugar skulls).
  • Originally, Fiesta was a more Halloween-themed skeleton alien called Bonehead and was based on Jack Skellington but this was exchanged for a day of the dead theme to stand out more.
  • The name of Fiesta’s race and planet is derived from calaveras, decorative skulls made from sugar that are traditionally made on Day of the Dead.
  • Fiesta’s race are known as the “Anur System’s noisy neighbors” due to their loud and bright personalities and love for parties clashing with the usually dark and gloomy atmosphere of the Anur System.
  • Fiesta is part of a trio of aliens based on different systemsof the human body. Fiesta is based on the skeletal system.
  • Fiesta speaks with a Spanish accent.
  • Interestingly, Ben is much more romantically inclined due to Fiesta’s naturally swauve personality, making him a favorite transformation of Kai.
  • Milk aiding in Foesta’s regenerative abilities is a reference to how milk is good for bones due to being a high source of calcium.