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Bloodbath is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Hemokinetica from the planet Hemos.


Bloodbath is a muscular humanoid resembling a heart, having red skin with dark blue sections and having vein-like patterns all around his body. Bloodbath has an unnervingly wide smile filled with sharp teeth and wide compound eyes much like an insect’s. Bloodbath body is covered in translucent membranous sacs that contain massive amounts of blood that Bloodbath collects. Bloodbath has sharp, black nails that can extend and retract at will. Bloodbath has long, spiky unkempt black hair that reaches down to his back. He wears no clothes save for a pair of black paints with green, vein-like lines.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Blood Absorption- Bloodbath is capable of absorbing blood into his body using his claws, which can extend and function like syringes, absorbing blood into his body where they are contained in his blood sacs.
  • Blood Manipulation- Bloobath is capable of manipulating the blood he absorbs in a large variety of ways by calling it from his blood sacs and can shape the blood into many kinds of shapes as well. Bloodbath can also attack with blood projectiles
  • Blood Crystallization- Bloodbath can crystallize the blood within his body and by shaping his blood into shapes and then crystallizing it, Bloodbath can form many kinds of different weapons and constructs, kunai, scythes and other bladed weaponry being the most common.
  • Blood Empowerment- Bloodbath becomes physically stronger, faster and larger the more blood he absorbs and he can even heal himself by absorbing the blood into his body, effectively consuming it.
  • Blood Puppetry- Upon absorbing an individual’s blood he can control the blood that’s within their body and can control their body movements like living puppets.
  • Enhanced Condition- Bloodbath’s level of strength, speed, durability and senses are far above an average human being.


  • Bloodlust- Bloodbath’s natural and intense hunger for blood can be overwhelming for Ben and difficult to control and he tends to go off the handle and fight quite viciously.
  • Blood Limits- Although Bloodbath can stores hundreds of gallons of blood at a time, he has defined limits and absorbing too much blood will make his blood sacs large enough to restrict movement and slow Bloodbath down, he will also feelings of fullness and feel sluggish as a result.
  • Blood Loss- Bloodbath is effectively powerless without any blood and he depends on using the blood of others as he has very little blood of his own naturally.
  • Toxic Blood- Alien species that have highly toxic blood can negatively effect Bloodbath upon absorbing it from them.


  • Hemokinetica’s bodies produce very little amounts of blood and it takes a black coloration and is almost water-like in consistency.
  • Bloodbath’s powers are very similar to Bloodbite but with some key differences such as the ability to crystallize blood into hard constructs and having more variety in attacks while also having more limitations and weaknesses.
    • Humorously enough, the fusion between the two transformations is known as Bathbite.
  • Bloodbath is part of a trio of aliens based on different systems of the human body, Bloodbath is based on the circulatory system.
  • Bloodbath’s design was inspired by Blanka from Street Fighter while his powers were inspired by Skarlet from Mortal Kombat.
  • The term “Bloodbath” refers to an event where multiple people are killed in a violent way.
  • Bloodbath is a transformation that Ben 10,000 refuses to give Ken due to his violent nature, despite Ken’s many pleads.
    • Ken does however, settles with Bloodbite.