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Spychic is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Gellerantula from the planet Weavoros V.


Spychic is a large, purple spider-like alien. He has a total of eight legs that float independently from his body, his joints being balls of pink, glowing silk that resemble balls of yarn, the tips of Spychic’s legs are thin and pointed like knitting needles. Spychic has a stinger-like protrusion on the end of his abdomen and on his back is a marking resembling a pink eye with a swirling pattern in place of a pupil. Psychic has a total of ten eyes, consisting of two large eyes with pupils, six small eyes above them and two equally small eyes below.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his underbelly.


  • Psychic Silk- Spychic can generate and manipulate silk made of psychic energy. He can wrap people and objects in his silk as well as completely envelop them in cocoons. By using his knitting needle-like legs he can form and weave his psychic silk into whatever he wants.
  • Limited Telekinesis- Spychic can control his silk and silk constructs using telekinesis. Psyder's legs are attached to small balls of psychic silk and float independently from his body, Psyder can control his disembodied legs freely as well.
  • Silk Bombs- Spychic can use his telekinesis to detonate balls of silk like bombs and can detonate threads as well.
  • Psychic Feeding- Spychic can feed on psychic and mental energy to empower himself. Psyder can even read the minds and feed on the thoughts of people who have come in contact with his psychic webbing.
  • Psychic Shield- Spychic has a natural resistance to mental attacks and is immune to mind reading and mind control.
  • Wall Scaling- Like any true spider, Spychic can scale walls and ceilings with ease.
  • Cocoon Shields- Spychic can envelop himself or allies in cocoons of Psychic silk for protection, said cocoons generate spikes when struck.


  • Limited Energy Supply- Spychic can run out of psychic silk and needs to feed on mental energy to recharge. He can be so low on psychic energy that he can lose control over his legs.
  • Energy Absorption- Spychic is at a huge disadvantage against energy absorbing species and enemies such as Conductoids and Crystalsapiens.
  • Toxins- Spychic is susceptible to certain toxins and chemicals.
  • Frail Body- Spychic isn’t very durable or physically strong, he relies mostly on using his psychic webbing in combat.


  • The name of Spychic’s species is taken from Uri Geller, an illusionist and magician who claims to possess actual psychic powers.
  • Spychic’s home world is essentially a gigantic hive that looks like a glowing pink cocoon from orbit. It's moon even has a strand of webbing connecting it to the planet.
  • Spychic is technically a predator as it's main food source is a type of insect that generates large amounts of pure psychic energy which the Gellerantula's feed on. However, Psyder is in the Omnitrix because he's sentient.
  • Spychic generates his psychic silk through his mouth and the tip of his abdomen.
  • The knitting theme is inspired by Miss Spider from James and The Giant Peach, Psyder was even going to have a "spool" of psychic silk that comes out of his abdomen like Miss Spider had in the movie version James and The Giant Peach.