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Collectiball is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Sugimorian from the planet Sugimori.


Collectiball is a humanoid being with a red and white color scheme consisting of red skin with white vein-like lining across his body. His forearms are enlarged and “Popeye-like” and his fingers are white. His eyes are large and oval shaped and lack any pupils. The top of his head resembles a baseball cap. He has orb-like growths growing all around his body such as his shoulders, palms and around his waist like a belt. His outfit consist of a green and white jacket and a pair of green cargo pants with white and green sneakers.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his right shoulder.


  • Lifeform Capturing- Collectiball produces orbs all around his body that can be detached and thrown at living beings. Once making contact, the orbs will dehydrate and absorb the being within the orb where they’ll be trapped.
  • Mind Control- From there, Collectiball can then call upon the captured entity and command them in battle, the entity in question becoming completely subservient and even friendly towards Collectiball. Collectiball can free those he’s captured at anytime.
  • Strategic Mastery- Upon capturing a life form, Collectiball acquires extensive knowledge on their biology, strengths and weaknesses and can use his natural strategic abilities to use his captured lifeforms in battle to their fullest potential.


  • Limited Collecting- Although Collectiball can essentially create limitless amounts of orbs, he can only capture and control a team of six lifeforms at a time. If he would to capture someone else, he would have to free someone else.
  • Combat Limitations- Collectiball has zero use in combat by himself and he relies on his captured allies to do most of the fighting for him.
  • Orb Damage- If Collectiball’s orbs are destroyed or damaged in any way, his control over the lifeform captured by that orb will be lifted.


  • Collectiball is based on and themed around the Pokémon franchise and is modeled after Pokémon Trainers.
  • His color scheme is based on a Pokéball.
  • The name of Collectiball’s species and home planet comes from Ken Sugimori, the creator of Pokémon.
  • Collectiball’s control over others is released once Ben transforms back.
  • Collectiball’s orbs is what will inspire the Null Void Egg technology in the future.
  • Collectiball was actually a working name for Ball Weevil during his concept stages but this was coincidental.
  • Sugimori has one of the most varied fauna of any planet in the universe and the many unique species inhabiting it have been tamed and trained by the Sugimorians.
  • Captured beings having a friendly disposition towards Collectiball is not only a reference to the relationship between Pokémon and trainers but it’s also inspired by Skylanders: Trap Team as Traptanium Crystals turn villains “good” once they’ve been captured.