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Nosey is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Maxatomar from the planet Maximatom.


Nosey is a short, goblin-like creature with bumpy orange and white skin, bat-like nose, a very large pink nose with open nostrils, jagged yellow teeth, gill-like slits on his cheeks and small green eyes. Nosey has three fingered claws (not counting his thumb) and wears an outfit consisting of a black and green jumpsuit with a green belt, black and green boots and green bands around his wrists.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his belt.


  • Enhanced Investigation- Nosey has a natural talent for digging up secrets, clues and intel, making him an adept spy and detective.
  • Enhanced Smell- Thanks to his large nose, Nosey has an incredibly keen sense of smell and can track objects several miles away, this also allows him to find valuable clues. Nosey can even identify people through their scent alone.
  • Enhanced Durability- Nosey’s thick, bumpy skin makes him resilient to many forms of damage and allows him to take a lot of punishment.


  • Non-Combative- Nosey is purely non-combative and has zero applications in a combat situation.
  • Sensitive Nose- Nosey’s keen sense of smell makes him sensitive to very strong odors and he can experience sensory overload if picks up a strong enough stench.
  • Durability Limits- Despite his durability, he is not indestructible by any means and he can still feel pain as well.


  • Art used was drawn by Artmachband196 on Deviantart.
  • Nosey is based on Billy from The Grim Adventures of Bully and Mandy and is voiced by Richard Horvitz, who also voices Billy.
  • Nosey’s species is named after Maxwell Atoms, the creator of Billy & Mandy.
  • Nosey was originally going to be named “Snot Rocket” and had the ability to shoot projectile snot out of his nose but this was too obvious and a spy/detective theme was chosen over it.
  • Nosey shares the same name and abilities as an experiment from Lilo & Stitch.
  • Nosey’s name refers to his ability to “sniff out” information as well as his large nose.
  • Due to his nature and powers, Ben can’t help but to dig up secrets even when he doesn’t mean to, such as when he read Gwen’s diary and blabbed the contents out to everyone.
  • Maxatomar’s have a reputation as being one of the funniest as well as one of the most annoying species in the universe both due to their nosey nature.
  • It’s believed that Maxatomar’s evolved to have such durability skin in order to survive a beat down from exposing the wrong person’s secrets.
  • As Nosey, everyone around Ben has a unique scent that he can track and identify them with, the following is what some of his closest friends smell like.
    • Gwen - Tangerines and library books.
    • Kevin - Gasoline and body spray.
    • Rook - Amber Ogia and meatball subs.
    • Kai - Clay and flowers.
    • Max Tennyson - Coffee and rust.