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Vaxasaurians are a species from the planet Terradino in 5 Years Later.


Vaxasaurians are large dinosaur-like humanoids. They have dark and light brown skin along with orange eyes. They have dark brown and yellow plating around their bodies. Vaxasaurians generally stand at a height of 12 to 18 feet in base form.

As Vaxasaurians grow older, their skin becomes more callous, like in their large form but even in base form.

Vaxasaurians also commonly wear clothing they make from the hides of their natural predator, The Tyrannopede.

There are three physical variants of Vaxasaurians: Long Necks (left), Brutes (Humungousaur's variant, middle), and Sloths (right).


  • Enhanced Strength- Vaxasaurians are incredibly strong and durable, with the most powerful of their species being able to lift a To'Kustar in their normal form.
  • Enhanced Durability- Vaxasaurians tough armored plating gives them incredible durability.
  • Size Control- Vaxasaurians are able to almost quintuple in size. As they grow, Vaxasaurians skin will forcibly callous to create extra armor-like plating across their head and tail.
  • Decreased Oxygen Dependency- Vaxasaurians are able to survive in the vacuum of space and in bodies of water such as the ocean for long periods of time.


  • Electricity- Vaxasaurians are easily harmed by electricity.
  • Gullible—Vaxasaurians generally possess a very kind and childlike nature and thus can be manipulated easily.
  • Body Size- When Vaxasaurians use their size control ability to grow in size, because their blood is now pumping to their increased body size, Vaxasaurians in their large forms become less intelligent and slurring their speech to a level of grunts and growls.

Society and History

In the middle of the caste system of the planet Terradino, Vaxasaurians populate the surface of Terradino living very simple Stone Age lifestyles. They live in tribes in small villages and are known locally as “Ground Shakers”.

Although intimidating in appearance, they are a very kind people. They spend their days roughhousing and building spires for Pturbosaurians (Skyskimmers).

At night, they must go on the defensive against their natural predator, The Tyrannopede. Vaxasaurians greatly fear the Tyrannopede, and it is only thanks to the Skyskimmers that they have been able to survive against them. Vaxasaurians use every part of their predator's remains when the Pturbosaurians are able to kill a Tyrannopede; their hides are used for clothing, bones for building materials, such as tools, and their meat for food. For every Tyrannopede killed, the Vaxasaurians hold a feast, celebrating the survival of their tribe and to thank the Skyskimmers for their selfless assistance. For their service to them, Vaxasaurians offer the Skyskimmers anything in their capability in return. Taking advantage of this, Skyskimmers demand homes reaching high into the clouds.

Vaxasaurian Village

Notable Vaxasaurians


  • Vaxasaurians hatch from eggs.
    • Typically reach their full default size in about 5 Earth years.
  • If they stay in their large form for an extended period of time, they will pass out from light headedness.