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Vertebreak is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Boglodite from the planet Boglodotia in 5 Years Later.


Vertebreak's natural appearance is an amalgamation of spiky fingers and claws in a somewhat humanoid shape, which resembles a grotesque arachnid and an echinoderm-like creature.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Shapeshifting- Vertebreak is able to contort and shift his spines, joints and scales that make up his body into different patterns and shapes, allowing him to take on humanoid appearances in a unique form of shapeshifting.
  • Enhanced Physiology- Vertebreak possesses enhanced physical characteristics such as increased strength, durability, endurance, agility, dexterity and endurance, etc. that far exceed those of humans.
  • Drone Creation- Vertebreak is able to remove sections of his body that are able to act independently, often being utilized as drones.
  • Spine Projection- Vertebreak is able to generate and fire spines from his body, being sharp enough to pierce metal.








  • Vertebreak's design and abilities were heavily influenced on Boris the Animal from Men in Black 3.
  • While Ben despises doing commercial endorsements, he lost a bet with Kevin Levin, which involved him using Vertebreak to shapeshift into Pepsiman for a Pepsi commercial.
  • Ben used Vertebreak to transform into Technoforce after seeing the designs from some fan art a fan sent him.
  • Ben once shapeshifted into Terrorformer for a kid's birthday party.
  • After seeing one of Diamondbolt's videos on crazy bootleg games, Ben turned into Vertebreak to imitate Magic Shoot Knife (a character from a Diamondbolt video) because he thought it would be hilarious.