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Visipede is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Insikterran from the planet Ospis in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


Visipede is a centipede-like insectoid with the lower body appearing similar to a centipede with ten legs and two stingers, but he has the upper body of a vaguely humanoid ant with six arms, the upper two being larger than the rest. He has a visor that wraps around their head in a complete 360-degree arc. Their exoskeleton is various shades of red.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his upper chest.


  • Omnidirectional Vision- Visipede can see in every direction.
    • Light Bending Vision- His visor is somehow capable of letting him see around corners or even inwards, seeing themselves. How this is possible is unknown, and even members of his own species do not understand these abilities' functions.
  • Omnispectral Vision- Visipede's sight can see through every wavelength of the light spectrum, except for radio waves.
    • X-Ray Vision- His sight allows him to see through walls.
    • Telescopic Vision- His sight allows him to see from very far distances.
    • Microscopic Vision- He can see things on a microscopic level.
    • Ultraviolet Vision- He can see colors normally invisible to the color spectrum.
    • Infrared Vision- He can see heat signatures.
  • Wall Crawling- Visipede can climb most surfaces with his ten legs.
  • Durable Exoskeleton- His exoskeleton is rather difficult to pierce, but it isn't invulnerable.
  • Dual Stingers- The two stingers on Visipede's back end are capable of piercing through steel.


  • Limited Strength- Visipede lacks physical strength, making him highly ineffective in combat situations.
  • Photo Sensitivity- Under normal circumstances, he is capable of seeing perfectly fine and can adjust his sight to any level of light, even absolute darkness if necessary. However, if light levels change too rapidly, it can disorient him for a few minutes.
  • Slippery Surfaces- There are some textures that Visipede is incapable of climbing.






  • Visipede's concept art was drawn by PerryPorkchoP.