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Vlad Masters' Mansion is the former home of Vlad Masters. It is located at Madison, Wisconsin in the Danny Phantom Universe in 5 Years Later.


After five years of no upkeep, the castle has been left in poor condition. Cobwebs are strewn about the basement lab and caution tape is hanging from the fence surrounding the yard.

The Foyer

The Foyer in Vlad's Mansion is decorated with merchandise of the Green Bay Packers and a signed Football.

The Laboratory

Vlad's Lab is the place where Vlad Masters creates and stores his company's creations.

Vlad's Lab


  • Vlad's Mansion used to look like a beautiful, luxurious castle that Vlad bought using money that he stole using his ghost powers. Since the Disasteroid incident happened, it has been abandoned. Prior to the Disasteroid incident, Vlad had been living in the Mayor's Mansion located in Amity Park for some time.
  • In Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost, Vlad returned to his mansion after living in space for 5 years. While he was remembering his past, Eon appeared and convinced Vlad to join him on his campaign.



  • Vlad's Lab is seen again in Chapter 8: Risen in the form of a flashback.