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Vladats were a species from the planet Anur Vladias in the Anur System in the Ben 10 Universe.


Vladats were anthropomorphic, carnivorous, bat-like creatures, standing between two and six feet. They had a cowl that covered their eyes and chin. They had pale white skin and wings extending from their arms and grey fur growing around their neck.


  • Corruptura Projectiles- Vladats were able to concentrate energy they drained into a small projectile organism called a Corrputura, which can perform the same function as the hypnotic stare, but due to it being a smaller set amount of energy, it can only effect the frontal lobe and influence the victims motor controls.
  • Flight- A Vladats' wings were capable of flight, allowing them to glide in the air.
  • Hypnotic Stare- The additional energy they collected could be expelled as a voluntarily emitted light from their eyes. This light had the ability to dampen synaptic currents and override them with custom ones created by the Vladat, giving them full control over their victim.
  • Infrared Vision- A Vladats face had organs that allowed them to sense infra-red vision, which allows them to detect warm-blooded creatures and their trails.
  • Sharp Fangs- A Vladat had very sharp fangs that could pierce most opponents' skin, and could be used to drain their life force.
  • Sharp Claws- Vladats had sharp claws that could easily cut through flesh.
  • Enhanced Strength- Vladats had a form of enhanced strength, as shown with Lord Transyl, who is capable of lifting both Kuphulu and Dr. Victor.
  • Enhanced Speed- Vladats were fast when they are flying in the air.
  • Immunity to Corrodium - Vladats is immune to the negative effects of Corrodium.


  • Sunlight- A drawback of developing in the dark cavernous catacombs of Vladias is that the Vladats became physically weak in sunlight.
  • Opponents Immune to Control- Other Vladats, slippery creatures, and robotic creatures were immune to Corruptra. Likewise, other Vladats and robotic creatures are immune to the hypnotic stare.

History and Society

Vladats were a very cruel people that would feed on the "life energy" of other species, which increased their own natural amount, and the additional energy they possessed could be expelled as special skills, such as the Corruptura and their hypnotic stares.

Their enhanced abilities gave the Vladats the tools necessary to obtain any prey they desired, and they did not hesitate to hunt, turning the populace of their neighboring planet, Anur Transyl, into a source of food and labor.

Overtime, this led to a rebellion that was the reason and justification for the genocide of the species at the hands of their prey, known as the Great Vladat Extermination.

Notable Vladats