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Vladco Gadgets are devices and tools designed by Vlad Master's company Vladco, primarily Ghost Hunting Weapons.

Notable Vladco Gadgets

Ghost Destabilizer

The Ghost Destabilizer is a Vladco gadget that first appeared in Chapter 3: Reunion of 5 Years Later. It is a combination of two older Vladco Gadgets, the Spectral energy neutralizer and the Plasmius Maximus. It was used to stop Danny Phantom from entering his Ghost form by electrocuting him. The device appears as a cube with two-prongs coming out of the top and bottom of the device with circuitry decorating the device.

Ghost Portal

Ghost Portal or Vladco Ghost Portal is the version of the Ghost Portal created by Vladco. It first appeared in Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost. The Ghost Portal allows the user to travel into the Ghost Zone. The Vladco Ghost Portal looks like a metal door connected to four tubes, when opened it reveals the Ghost Portal.