Vortex is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Bakir from an unknown region of space in 5 Years Later.


Vortex's body appears as a black hole contained in a suit with five limbs, two upper arms, and three lower arms. On the top of his "head", is a cowl appearing similar to wings.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his waist.


  • Flight- Vortex is super dense and heavy for his size; most terrain cannot hold his mass, so he floats above ground.
  • Vortex Creation- He can create black-hole-like vortexes that can suck up or shoot out objects or opponents.
  • Gravitational Pull- His suit that holds his body shape, contains his gravitational pull.
  • Radar- Since Vortex has no eyes, his suit has a built-in radar system that substitutes for vision.
  • Sharp Claws- Vortex possesses sharp, robotic clawed fingers, which are capable of cutting through most materials.
  • Sixth Sense-Vortex can understand about surrounding quickly via his sixth sense.


  • Blindness- Without his suit's built-in radar system, Vortex cannot see.


Vortex's species wanders through space eating debris and space dust.






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