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Water Hazard is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Orishan from the planet Kiusana in the Andromeda Galaxy in 5 Years Later.


Water Hazard is a red, mollusk-like alien. He has four green eyes on his head and two false ones on his chest, with two yellow, mustache-like appendages over his mouth. He has spikes on the back of his arms and legs. He has brown spots all over his body and portholes on his hands, which are used to shoot water. He has three fingers on each hand and has two gray pincers for feet. His lower torso is gray with black and green shorts.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his waist.


  • Pressurized Water Blasts- Water Hazard has the ability to shoot high pressured water out of his palms.
  • Water Whips Generation- Water Hazard is able to produce long streams of water that can act as whips.
  • Hydrokinetic Flight- Water Hazard is able to release his water blasts onto the ground to propel himself into the air, like a jetpack.
  • Bubble Shield Generation- Water Hazard can create a bubble-like shield that is capable of withstanding most enemy attacks.
  • Enhanced Strength - Water Hazard is strong enough to pierce through concrete with ease
  • Water / Moisture Absorption - Water Hazard can absorb water or moisture from bodies of water or objects etc. From the portholes in his hands.
  • Adaptive Breathing – Water hazard can breathe air and water without any problem.
  • Hard Exoskeleton – Water Hazard has an extremely durable exoskeleton that allows it to withstand most attacks in a seemingly painless way, including radiation. When attacked, its head retracts into its shell, acting as a deterrent to predators and as additional protection.
  • Water Temperature Control- Water Hazard can control the temperature of the water he expels, ranging from hot to cold.


  • Energy Attacks and Intense Heat- Water Hazard is capable of withstanding powerful, physical blows but not energy attacks, and intense heat, which are shown to cause him a great deal of pain.




  • According to Insane-Mane, Water Hazard's 5 Years Later design was based on a combination of Water Hazard's original design and Overflow from the Reboot.
  • Water Hazard is the first alien to be added to the Codon Stream by Ben himself after he scanned Bivalvan.