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"Mutant To’Kustar. Our world was invaded using these beasts, so we sent them here in the Null Void to contain them."
Rook Blonko[src]

Way Bads are genetically engineered To’Kustars created by the Incursean Empire. After a failed attempt to conquer Earth, the species was banished to the Null Void. One Way Bad debuted in Chapter 1: Alienated.


Way Bads are colossal purple and gray aliens with white bone and red marking. They vary widely in appearances. The Way Bad featured in Chapter 1 has a larger right arm, a jaw that is always opened, and red claws on its right arm, with gray fingers on his left. It has white bone protruding from his crest, shoulders, elbows, and it's calves. Its skin is a hard callus armor turned purple from old age.


Way Bads lack much of a personality. The Way Bads are highly susceptible to mind control, relying on commands to act coherently. If they are not under the control of someone, they become primal beasts, acting out of aggression and basic necessity.


  • Enhanced Strength- Due to its size, Way Bads are strong enough to lift buildings.
  • Cosmic Rays- Way Bads can fire lasers out of their mouth or their arms.
  • Powerful Roar- A roar of a Way Bad can create small earthquakes.
  • Cosmic Storm Manipulation- Way Bads can create and control cosmic storms as a means of inhabitation and transportation.


"Aim for the frill on the top of the head. It's a bind spot."
"Does it hurt them?"
"Like hell."
Ben Tennyson and Danny Fenton[src]
  • Blind Spot- The blind spot on a Way Bad's frill gives it extreme pain when hit.
  • Sharp Bones- A Way Bad can be killed by its own bones if it gets impaled by them.


  • In Chapter 1: Alienated (Page 29- 49), When a battle between Ben Tennyson and Danny Fenton erupted in the abandoned Rooters base, Ben, as Echo Echo, accidentally woke a Way Bad, which immediately attacked the intruders. Ben then transformed into Jetray to evade it. Seeing the more significant threat, Danny quickly created an alliance with Ben, who instructed Danny to attack the Way Bad’s weak spot on its frill. The Way Bad launched a cosmic beam at the duo, prompting Ben to change into Feedback to convert the cosmic ray into electricity, which Danny them redirected at it, angering it further. The two heroes combined their attacks to slice off a bone spike from its arm, which it promptly fell onto when Armodrillo caused an earthquake and Danny unleashed a ghostly wail. The Way Bad promptly died from the impalement and blood loss.