Whampire is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Vladat from the planet Anur Vladias in 5 Years Later.


Whampire is bat-like with a green cowl that covers his eyes and chin. He wears a white and green jumpsuit with a small amount of black mixed in. Whampire has pale white skin and black wings extending from his arms.

He wears the Omnitrix on his left pectoral.


  • Bat Transformation- Using a rare form of mana-based magic, Whampire can shrink himself down into a state that looks like an earth-bat. This mode is primarily used for stealth.
  • Corruptura Projectiles- Whampire is able to create Corrupturas inside his body and spit them out at opponents. If they come in contact with an opponent's head, the opponent's every move will be under the control of Whampire.
  • Flight- Whampire's wings are capable of flight, allowing him to glide in the air.
  • Hypnotic Stare- Whampire is able to take control of an opponent's mind just by staring at them. This method is a little tedious and unreliable, so Whampire prefers to use Corrupturas.
  • Infrared Vision- Whampire's face has organs that allow him to sense infra-red vision, which allows him to detect warm-blooded creatures and their trails.
  • Sharp Fangs- Whampire has very sharp fangs that can pierce most opponents' skin, and can be used to drain their life force.


  • Sunlight- Although Whampire won't be killed by sunlight, being under too much light will put him in agonizing pain.
  • Opponents Immune to Control- Other Vladats, slippery creatures, and robotic creatures are immune to Whampire's Corruptras. Likewise, other Vladats and robotic creatures are immune to Whampire's hypnotic stare.


  • In Chapter 7: Fold, Experiment 10 was forced to create a chi manifestation of Whampire while under Technus's mind control.



  • Whampire is one of the only remaining Vladats in existence.

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