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Wildvine is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of a Florauna from planet Flors Verdance in 5 Years Later.


Wildvine resembles a Venus flytrap that was pulled from the ground, roots and all. Aside from his singular-eyed head and large collar of teeth, his body is made up entirely of green and brownish-green vines and roots. He has six exposed seeds hanging from his back. He has two blue orbs on each shoulder. He wears a uniform that is present on his chest and on his “arms”, allowing some of his vines to form thumbless, three-fingered hands.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on the left side of his chest.


  • Elasticity- Wildvine is able to rapidly stretch his limbs as he pleases.
  • Plant Life Merging- Wildvine is able to merge himself with other plants, giving him partial control over them.
  • Explosive Seeds- The seeds on Wildvine's back can be thrown and can either combust or release sleeping gas, the seeds also grow back at an exceptionally fast rate when plucked.
  • Enhanced Strength- Wildvine is capable of lifting incredible amounts of weight with his vines. He can also increase the size of them to become stronger.
  • Regeneration- If Wildvine's body were damaged, he would simply regenerate almost instantly, he can even recover from the destruction of his head without any negative effect.
  • Chlorophyll Production- The blue orbs on Wildvine's shoulders produce very potent amounts of chlorophyll, keeping him refreshed and energized.
  • Sharp Thorns- Wildvine can generate thorns from his body for offensive and defensive means.


  • Vine Entanglement- When Wildvine's vines get tangled, it will cause significant distraction from the situation.
  • Flames and Ice- Due to his plant body, Wildvine is extremely weak to fire and ice, as they are known to kill plants.


5 Years Later



  • Wildvine was the first transformation revealed in the updated digital art style that began with Chapter 8: Risen.
  • Wildvine has two orbs on his shoulders for producing chlorophyll.