5 Years later Wiki

WindWeed is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Whisksalosian from the planet Vaculation in 5 Years Later.


WindWeed is a humanoid living tumbleweed with several wind tunnels spinning around his limbs, The small branches on the outside of the arms work as their fingers, he also wears big, round goggles.

The Omnitrix is located on his air stabilizer.


  • Aerokinesis- Windweed can manipulate the speed and force of the wind by speeding up his own air currents, allowing him to shoot small tornadoes out of his hands and create small hurricanes. He can also root himself into the ground to create larger wind storms.
  • Flight- Being a living tumbleweed, WindWeed is light enough to whisk himself away into the air and push himself with ease.
  • Enhanced Speed- WindWeed's ability to control the speed of his own air currents allows him to essentially glide and flow at very considerable speeds.


  • Air Stabilizer- The device on WindWeed's chest allows him to control and stabilize the air currents he creates.
  • Goggles- WindWeed wears a special pair of goggles to help his eyes from harsh light and hazardous conditions.


  • Air Reliant- WindWeed is almost useless in areas without the right oxygen molecules to manipulate. He is also very prone to suffocation, making him an alien to strictly use on earth.
  • Highly Flammable- A drawback of WindWeed being a tumbleweed is that he is very flammable. Almost any contact to fire has the potential to burn him from the inside out.


The planet of Vaculation was once known for being a baren, dry desert planet with never ending windstorms and tornadoes. It is also said an array of fossils and signs of an ancient civilization can be found as well. Despite Vaculation being a very hard planet for life other than Whisksalosians to thrive on due to the horrid wind storms, it's actually a very important planet in many galaxies due to how much electricity it can produce from all the wireless Cerebrocrustacean made windmills. Vaculation can work as a battery that several planets that do not have good energy sources can use, this has led to many of the Whisksalosians being very skilled electricians and engineers for level 8 planets.