WormWork is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Annelid from the planet Takwella in 5 Years Later.


WormWork is a short transformation with a narrow, worm-like body. He has two main arms and a pair of small, stubby arms on his chest. On his head are two antennae. WormWork's legs have two joints, a knee and another lower joint, with each foot having two toes each.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his back.


  • Regenerative Reattachment- WormWork possesses regenerative capabilities. Even being able to put his body back together after being cut in half.
  • Extreme Flexibility- WormWork is incredibly flexible, able to twist and contort his body in ways that humans would never be able to.
  • Advanced Immunity- WormWork is immune to most poisons and other substances that would be harmful to humans.


  • Coffee- WormWork's species are highly addicted to coffee, which may divert his attention from the task at hand.






  • WormWork's species and abilties are from an unnamed worm-like species in Men in Black.

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