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Wrighthers are a species from the planet Anur Ormerow in the Anur System in the Ben 10 Universe.


Pale, stunted creatures, Wrighthers average a height of five foot hunched and six foot standing and have a very fractured, but durable anatomy.

They possess a zombie-like humanoid form, with damaged purplish skin and grayish bones protruding out of their skin.


  • Detachable Body Parts- Wrighthers can painlessly detach and reattach any part of their body with no negative side effects to themselves, thanks to their closed flow circulatory system.
  • Enhanced Strength- Despite their frail appearance, Wrighthers possess great strength and durability.
  • Radiation Touch- Wrighthers themselves emit a low level of Corrodium radiation, so they can touch different beings (mainly humans) to “infect” them with radiation, turning them into Corrodium mutants.


  • Weak Joint-Connection- If struck hard enough, a Wrighthers body parts will detach.

History and Society

Wrighters are the descendants of mutant humans abandoned on the planet Anur Ormerow by the Thep Khufan. Because Ormerow's Corrodium deposits were previously harvested by the Khufans, the planet has a very low level of radiation, which allowed the human's DNA time to adapt to the planet's mutagenic properties, evolving into the creatures we see today. Many scientists have argued that Wrighters would count as mutants and not a species on the grounds that the amount of time passed wasn't a long enough duration for evolution, but Pond'rsnobis scientists proved otherwise, providing physical proof that Corrodium sped up their evolutionary process exponentially.

With only some remnant knowledge passed down through the generations, Wrighthers live very simple lives, spending most of their time wandering aimlessly and interacting with their environment. Although Wrighters are capable of speech, but because very few on the planet have learned a language, they communicate mostly through growls and grunts. On occasion, they attempt to build structures similar to that of their ancestors, but very few last more than a day. When it is time to rest, Wrighthers will bury themselves in soil and dirt in an attempt to keep cool from the humid air.

Feeling responsible for what they had done, every few years, the Khufans attempt to send some Wrighthers back to Earth, returning them to their original home, but this does more harm than good, as, due to infections, the Khufans sometimes end up returning to Ormerow with more Wrighthers then when they had left.

Notable Wrighters



  • Wrighthers were the “zombies” who attacked the shopping mall at the ending of Secret Of The Omnitrix.
  • Wrighther is genetically linked to the human species.