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XLR8 is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Kineceleran from the planet Kinet in 5 Years Later.


XLR8 has a velociraptor humanoid body. He has blue skin and black markings around his body and eyes. XLR8 has a tail that is striped in white and black. He has three claw-like fingers and ball-shaped feet. He wears a black, green, and white bodysuit. He has a visor that he can flip down when running to avoid getting bugs and debris in his eyes.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Extreme Speed- XLR8 is able to run at extremely fast speeds. The more he grows, the faster he gets. His top speeds can make him seem invisible to the human eye. He is fast enough to create vortexes and run on walls. He can dodge both lightning and laser blasts and patrol the entire planet Earth within a matter of seconds.
  • Enhanced Reflexes- XLR8 can dodge and counter-attacks at incredibly fast speeds. He can casually dodge and evade both lightning-bolts and laser-blasts, and come to a complete stop while running almost instantly.
  • Enhanced Durability – XLR8 is physiologically adapted to withstand extremely fast speeds very easily, giving you great durability even if you hit very hard objects at high speed on purpose or by mistake, you will only be slightly stunned.
  • Enhanced Recovery- XLR8 recovers faster than the most aliens, recovering from negative effects such as stunning, fazing, poison, sleep, pain, flinching, being knocked down/backward losing balance, fatigue, overstretching, being knocked unconscious, etc, but not lost limbs or lost of flesh.
  • Accelerated Thinking- XLR8 can process information at such speeds that time appears to have slowed down.


  • Speed Prohibitors- XLR8's speed does not work an all surfaces such as ice and or strong adhesives.
  • Momentum- If XLR8 goes too fast, the momentum will overcome him and cause him to be unable to turn directions as well.
  • Vulnerable Tail- XLR8 can be restrained if someone or something holds his tail down.
  • Poor Strength- Although XLR8 has enhanced strength, he is not as strong as Fasttrack.


Prior to 5 Years Later[]

  • In The Message, after discovering the problem with the Omnitrix and finishing up a battle, Ben transforms into XLR8 to head back to the Plumber base.

5 Years Later[]


5 Years Later[]



  • XLR8's new design resembles his appearance in the Ben 10 Classic episodes Ben 10,000 and Ken 10.
  • XLR8's visor is actually part of his Kineceleran biology and isn't mechanical.

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