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"You called the Saturdays?"
"The Saturday's bloodline has connections with some of the original Plumbers. Back when their focus was on supernatural instead of alien."
Ben Tennyson and Rook Blonko[src]

Zak Saturday is a character in 5 Years Later from the Ben 10 Universe. He first appeared in Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost.


Zak Saturday is a mixed race man. He has long, curly hair with a white patch on top. His face has large cheek bones, brown eyes, six freckles, and very long ears. He almost always wears his Saturdays family uniform.


  • Telepathic Cryptid Manipulation-  Zak has the ability to control cryptids with his mind. This ability can be enhanced with his main weapon, The Claw.  
  • Experienced Combat- Zak is an expert at hand-to-hand combat and has beaten opponents with much more experience and training.
  • Paranormal Knowledge- Zak has spent his entire life researching paranormal activity and is even the reincarnation of the most powerful cryptid of all time, Kur.



  • Human Weaknesses- Because Zak is a human, he is susceptible to the weaknesses that most humans have.


  • In Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost, (Page 16) Zak was contacted by Rook Blonko to see if he could provide any information on ghosts, due to the fact that he is the world's leading expert on the supernatural and his bloodline, which has connections to the original Plumbers, who focused on the paranormal instead of the extra-terrestrial. 
  • A future version of Zak cameod in Chapter 9: Time Out, as part of the future force that Future Fenton mentions.



  • Zak comes from a fourth franchise show (The Secret Saturdays) that isn't either Ben 10, Danny Phantom or Invader Zim, but he does not come from a separate universe. As shown in the T.G.I.S crossover special.