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Zed is a character from the Ben 10 Universe in 5 Years Later. She debuted in Chapter 5: Oversight.


Zed is a dog-like alien with dark blue skin, red eyes, and spike-like hair that runs down her back. She has a dinosaur-like jaw and black stripes going along her body. She has a lock on her collar.


When Khyber owned her, Zed acted aggressive and feral and could be uncontrollable at times.

After she was rescued by Kevin, Zed became more tame and loyal. She seems to take a liking to new people, as she was friendly to Danny when they first met.


  • Enhanced Agility- Zed has dog-like agility.
  • Enhanced Strength- Zed is able to throw a human being measurable distances.
  • Enhanced Speed- Zed is able to run far distances rather quickly.
  • Enhanced Hearing- Zed is able to hear ultrasonic frequencies.


  • Ultrasonic Frequencies- Zed's actions can be controlled by ultrasonic frequencies, such as from a dog whistle or Khyber.


  • In Chapter 5: Oversight (Page 12- 18), Zed appears with Kevin Levin and Gwendolyn Tennyson when they reunite with Ben and meet up with Danny for the first time. Zed appears to have taken a liking for Danny
  • In Chapter 8: Risen (Page 10), Zed was sitting with GoTro while he was watching Ben 10 on his tablet before he was interrupted by Eve.



  • Kevin gave her the old lock from his first robbery as a child.