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Zero is a robot created by Dr. Gero. He debuted in the fifth episode of Ink Tank's And Beyond series.


Zero is a robot similar to Horas, but with a design resembling that of Dr. Gero's Remote Tracking Devices. He has a beak-like “mouth”, green coloring, antennae, and pink colored eyes. He has claw like appendages and wings on his back.


Zero is dedicated to his job and tries to satisfy Dr. Gero. Like Horas, he remains chipper about his situations.


  • Teleportation- Zero has a built-in teleportation technology which allows him to access other worlds and dimensions.
  • Flight- Zero is always hovering off the ground. He can move freely though space and other dimensions.
  • Shrinking Tech- Zero is able to shrink down in size.
  • Hacking Capabilities- Zero is able to hack into other technologies.


  • Fragile Body- Zero can be easily destroyed through various means, such as Gero activating his self-destruct.


Created by Dr. Gero to assist his investigations for Project Cell, Zero traveled to the alternate dimension UNUA-0001, which housed a living planet Vegeta, in order to study the differences between the history we know and this alternative version developing a noticeably different society, which he theorized could be the key to Project Cell's success. In the end, he contacted Gero and reported his findings, only for Gero to not believe that Sayians could be anything but warlike and angry, and didn't believe these peaceful beings were actually Saiyans. As punishment, Gero activated Zero's self-destruct, blowing him to pieces.



  • His name is Zero as he precedes Gero's future line of Androids, which all have designated numbers.